About Us


I am Paula Brown the maker/creator of Bath Time Fun.

Making luxurious, affordable fun handmade bath and body products that everyone and every skin type can enjoy. It is my passion and love. Bath Time Fun also has a support team of my husband and our five children.

Where did it start? We started out as Serendipity Designs and Creations in 2008 making handmade quilts, and children’s items. We added candles and melts, and began our love for cold process soaps. As a person who has psoriasis, it has always been hard to find any bath or body products that wouldn’t aggravate my skin or make it itchy. Our children are eczema sufferers as well; this renewed my passion for creating products that we could all enjoy and use.

I have been creating and selling products for over ten years, putting in many hours of research and testing. Lots of time and money has been invested in learning and creating products that your body and skin will love without having reactions. The products and ingredients we use are because they are the best and never based on the cost of the product.

Starting in our family kitchen and quickly outgrowing this space to move onto several rooms, to having our own purpose-built space to continue creating and making. Based in Port Lincoln, South Australia which is called the Seafood Capital of Australia, we are also very aware of our environmental impact, and make sure to source products that meet our goals and visions in this. From biodegradable glitters, packaging to recyclable products, to make sure our impact is as little as possible.

We rebranded to Bath Time Fun, and continue to make all our products ourselves by hand to ensure a unique and beautiful product for you to enjoy. The rebranding came after we took a 3-year break, due to our two boys being diagnosed as Autistic and needing more care, and time which meant that I had to close Serendipity Designs and Creations for an extended period.

Gift Packs, Artisan Soaps and Bath Bombs are some of our best sellers. All of our soaps are created the traditional way using rich ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, nutrient-rich oils to give your body the conditioning and moisturization it needs.

Bath Time Fun is a passion that allows me to create luxurious quality handmade bath and body products, for everyone to enjoy and love as we do.

Thanks for learning a little more about us.

Paula x