Bubble Bath Ice Cream Scoops

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    Who doesn't love a super bubbly bath, to sit soak and relax in, at the end of a day? Or maybe you want to play with the bubbles! This solid bubble fun bath bar will create super fun long lasting bubbles, for you to play and splash about with. Handcrafted in Port Lincoln, South Australia. 

    Maybe you want to rock that bubble beard. It will scent the air with fabulous smells and aromas. All our glitter is certified biodegradable to so its safe to wash down the drain, and won't hurt our oceans or waterways.

    Bubble bath ice cream scoops are a solid bubble bath and will also leave your skin feeling soft and fabulous when you exit the bath.


    To use solid bubble bath crumble 1/3 unto your bath under running water, and watch the magic happen. If you have soft water you can use less than this; it depends on how bubbly you want your bath. Note - Hot water makes better bubbles with our bubble fun bath bars than cooler water.


    Sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, sodium lauryl sulphoacetate, glycerin, Zea mays (corn) starch polysorbate 80, fragrance oil.CI19140, CI40215, CI10020, CI45100, CI16035, CI42090, CI40210, CI74180. **Product contains oils; the bath may be slippery when getting out, exercise caution, if irritation occurs discontinue use**

  • Weight 80g - 90g
    6cm Across
    Ice Cream Scoop Shape